The Plantation - FAQs

What is the vision?.
Where is the proposed self and custom build site?.
How do I sign up?.
Will I have to be assessed?.
Will there be an affordable housing provision?.
What is the difference between self build, self finish and custom build?.
Can I buy a plot and hire someone to build a home for me? .
When will the land be available to purchase?.
How much will the plots cost?.
Can I reserve a plot?.
Can I rent the home, or use it as a holiday home? Can I sell the house upon completion?.
How quickly must I build the house?.
Can I live in a mobile home on site whilst building my house?.
What can I build?.
What is a ‘plot passport’?.
Do I have to live in Dartington to buy a plot?.
Do I have to get planning permission?.
Will I have to obtain Building Regulation approval?.
Can I buy 2 plots and construct a larger house?.
What are the rules on sustainability?.
What about VAT, Stamp Duty and what is a ‘Golden Brick’?.
Is there a warranty on my new home?.
Is there a service charge?.
What will my Council tax band be?.
What services will be provided?.
Can I save money by self / custom building?.
Is a timber frame home cheaper than using traditional masonry construction?.
How much deposit will I need?.
Where can I find more information about self and custom build?