Stephan Harding, Coordinator and Senior Lecturer at Schumacher College, has been leading the Deep Time Walk on the south coast of Devon for the past ten years – a transformative experience for the College students who take part.

Now after a year of development, the Deep Time Walk is available to download on iOS and Android – enabling anyone to experience the walk, anywhere in the world.

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Deep Time Walk is the world’s first interactive mobile app of its kind. It allows people to take a 4.6 kilometre walk ­– anywhere in the world – to learn and experience a detailed, dramatized journey of Earth’s Big History, from the planet’s formation to the present day.

By walking across Earth’s geological timeline – with every metre of the walk representing a million years – the app’s users gain a vivid perspective of the planet’s immense age. Afterwards, users can learn more and join with others to take positive environmental action.

The app was co-created by Harding, internationally acclaimed scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock, and Devon-based playwright Peter Oswald, former Playwright in Residence at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

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The overall aim is to give users a sense of awe and wonder for planet Earth, and inspire care and reverence. Profits from the sale of the app will help fund scholarships for students to study at Schumacher College.

And the journey doesn’t end here

The Deep Time Walk team need your help to take this exciting project to the next stage. Every pound given towards our target will now be match-funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund!

If successful, this extra funding will be used to:

  • Help The Deep Time Walk app become a financially sustainable Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, with profits reinvested and used to fund scholarships at Schumacher College, part of The Dartington Hall Trust.
  • Redesign the Deep Time Walk website, create a new promotional video, streamline press activity, undertake targeted advertising and expand social media activities with key influencers.
  • Extend the Deep Time Walk App with two new features: 1) an online portal for further learning and encouraging action for positive change; 2) a directory of Deep Time Walk’s happening across the world, so people can join with others in their local community.

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