The Craft Revolution

The Craft Revolution is a movement about making; a learning space, an ideas lounge, an action station. A story of doing over not doing.

Located on the edge of North Woods at Schumacher College on the Dartington Estate. Come visit, light the fire, make yourself a cup of coffee, have a chat, play ball with ‘The Bear’and Check out our craft courses here…

We have developed a range of affordable, accessible craft activities that provide great making for everyone, producing a resilient and flexible programme that reflects the needs of the community.

Choose from a diverse range of courses from spoon making to building a tiny home; brewing beer to dressmaking; cheese making to kiln building.  In short, a range of courses where you can see craft created from the heart that has purpose, uniqueness and love channelled into it.


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From cheese-making to tiny homes, clogs to life drawing – this is great craft for everyone.

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What is the Craft Revolution?

Making is a vital part of being human. So can craft make us happy?

Craft enriches our society and economy in many ways and makers contribute to sectors as diverse as engineering, medicine, technology, architecture, fashion and design. Education in and through craft contributes to cognitive development and engages learners.

Through engagement with materials and ideas, craft develops creativity, inventiveness, problem-solving and practical intelligence. Making also fosters well-being.

We know that many people fall into a pattern of over-consumption that leaves them not much happier (and often worse, if it leads to chronic debt and a cluttered life).

This has serious implications for the environment and people’s well-being. This is known as the Hedonic Treadmill. So can we step off the treadmill and make something by hand, something that we can treasure for ever?

What would you make? A bowl that you could eat from for the rest of your life? A spoon? A place to rest? Light to read by? How would you make these things – do you have the skills?

If you are interested in craft, we want your views to shape our new programme. By taking the moment to complete our Crafted at Dartington questionnaire, you can help us deliver the best programme we can – and have the chance to win a one-day craft course.

For more information about Crafted, contact Lou Rainbow, Craft Learning Programme Manager: / 01803 84 7238. Course details subject to change.

More about Dartington’s history of craftmaking

Dartington has a long tradition of craft, founded in the 1920’s, and believed in ‘progressive forms of education including the arts and craft to be the foundations of human flourishing’.

Dorothy Elmhirst, the co-founder of Dartington, was a great friend of William Morris and one of the first artists that she made contact with in 1926 was the potter Bernard Leach, arguably one of the greatest British potters of our time.

Leach’s former assistant Sylvia Fox-Strangways installed a kiln at Dartington and felt it was her duty to bring art to everyone on the estate from ‘children to bricklayers’.

Over the next three years we aim to establish a craft residency programme, create studio space and host community shared meals, with the focus on food and art, events, performances, educational workshops, and other public programmes to encourage interaction and participation.

Our vision is that everyone should have the opportunity to discover their practical abilities, develop their creative talents and possibly become a maker of the future.

This vision is rooted in the knowledge that craft skills lead to diverse careers and creative satisfaction throughout life.

We are striving to honour and regenerate a great tradition of craft here on the Estate. This year Dartington Printmaking celebrates 40 years on the estate and Mary Bartlett’s bookbinding workshop continues to inspire people both locally and across the globe.

Schumacher College keeps the legacy alive today through its innovative model for transformative education and a growing range of projects designed to advance the transition to a society in which all can thrive within ecological limits.

Crafted@dartington aims to develop and provide creative and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives.