Some courses have specific music that you need to buy in order to take part. We suggest that you try to use the exact edition suggested by the conductor, otherwise you may find rehearsals more difficult to follow, or need to mark in changes and cuts.

Please bring your own repertoire for instrumental and vocal classes, and Chamber Music. In some cases, guidance on repertoire is offered in the course description.

A list of music for courses with specific repertoire will be available here from early in 2020, and will be regularly updated, so please keep an eye on this page in the run up to the summer.

All music listed is available from Anne Jordan at Brian Jordan Music either in advance, or from her shop on site during the Summer School:

Brian Jordan Music
Tel: 01480 457306 Email:

Summer School Library

The Summer School Library is a fantastic resource that offers a huge range of sheet music for you to borrow during the festival. Comprehensive Standard Repertoire includes:

String Duos-Octets (eg Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven) | Wind Chamber Music (duets-octets+) | Wind with strings (e.g Schubert, Mozart) | Brass Ensemble (Gabrieli-Pop) | Piano with strings/wind (e.g Brahms, Faure, Mozart) | Trio Sonatas (e.g Quantz, Corelli, Telemann, Handel) | Vocal (solo-choir, with str/wind) | Orchestra (full/chamber/strings/concertos/baroque) | Instrumental Solo (strings, wind, concertos) | Piano (2/4/8 hands, concertos, symphonies) | Scores (miniature/full/vocal)

Opening hours during Summer School

Mon – Fri: 10.30 – 11.30 | 1.15 – 2 | 3.30 – 4.30 (closed Thurs am)
Sun: 1 – 4.30
And by appointment

Contact: Marina Kummer, librarian –

Our wonderful extensive Music Library dates back to the Elmhirsts and has Chamber Music and Choral Music at its heart as Dartington emerged as a premier Music College. I will never forget becoming the Summer School Librarian. By happenstance I was in the library (as I often was) when the position unexpectedly opened. The grilling Olive Truby gave me before she entrusted me with her precious, meticulous empire is engrained in my soul. After the many years of change at Dartington I am trying to live up to her faith in me and fully become the custodian the library needs.

During the Summer School in 2016 I re-shelved the vast choral (mixed/female/male, accompanied/unaccompanied) and chamber (instrumental repertoire, duos, trios, quartets, quintets+ with/without piano etc.) music sections. The large hardback section (piano, full scores etc.) is underway. The ever-growing Dartington Summer School section (largely more contemporary but also useful multiple copies of Italian Madrigals etc.) will follow. I am postponing the chaos of the miniature scores as long ad infinitum!) By Summer School 2017 Nicola Smith and I hope to start a stock-take (yes we have multiple copies of the Mendelssohn Octet, no I can’t find the missing Horn part of the Brahms Trio) and decide how to tackle the dreadful e-catalogue and the hopelessly out-dated hard catalogue. Currently the best catalogue is the one in my head – so ask me anytime please!

- Marina

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