Chamber Music

Chamber music sessions, for instrumentalists and vocalists, are offered every week in two formats: formal sessions, with a set ensemble and pre-arranged repertoire, or informal ad hoc sessions, drawn together from interested players once everyone is on site. The scheduling of the formal sessions can be seen below. All other sessions can be arranged informally.

Week 1 Session 4
Week 2 Session 4
Week 3 Session 3
Week 4 Session 1

Chamber music participants are required to complete a chamber music form with information on their playing level, ensemble experience and preferred repertoire.

All applicants for these sessions must submit a chamber music form by June 4. With the information provided the tutors will create ensembles and suggest repertoire, and players can be put in contact with each other in advance. These ensembles will meet for one designated session each day, for coaching from our chamber music faculty. Pre-formed ensembles are also welcome. As formal sessions are pre-arranged, we ask that everyone signing up is committed on a daily basis, and the chosen repertoire is prepared in advance. In order to maintain a workable balance of musicians on the course, we may close applications to certain instruments as required.
Our informal chamber music sessions are arranged at the start of each week by the chamber music faculty who will create suitable ensembles for players. These sessions can be regular or one-offs, with coaching from the chamber music tutors where possible. The flexibility of this arrangement is particularly suited to those musicians who may not be able to prepare repertoire in advance, or participants cautious of overloading their schedule.

There’s an online chamber music forum to enable players to make contact and discuss repertoire in advance. You’ll be given the link to the forum when you sign up to the course.