About Dartington

About Dartington

Dartington is a charity working with artists, entrepreneurs and activists across the globe to create jobs and better places to live, cultivate sustainable food and farming methods, and enrich lives through the arts. Our Devon estate hosts a stimulating programme of education, performance, festivals and film. More about how we do it →

Over the last year we have:

1. Enabled over 53,000 people to achieve practical skills in living more sustainable lives, developing their creative skills and helping understand ‘what works’ in supporting and protecting vulnerable children and adults.

Our Vision 4

2. Empowered over 550 people to be more ambitious about the change they can achieve in the world through our courses at Schumacher College and Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs.

3. Enabled over 950 exceptional individuals to make things happen by hosting and encouraging their own creative and enterprising activities.

4. Supported the economic life of the region by supporting over 450 different enterprises, being a major employer with over 240 employees and adding £16m to the economy through our enterprise activities at our shops, in hospitality, in our charitable programmes and through our diverse property portfolio.

Our Vision 3

5. Enriched the cultural and creative life of the community in the South West with over 1,100 artistic events reaching over 100,000 people ranging from the internationally renowned musical Summer School, our festivals, our craft education and our independent cinema.

6. Helped the most vulnerable to live secure and settled lives that contribute to and are supported by their local communities through projects such as Landworks.

Our Vision 6

7. Shared our skills, resources and learning with over 100 like-minded partners to widen our impact, improve our learning and increase the difference we can make.

8. Maintained our publicly accessible estate, with over 800,000 visitors, as a place of inspiration and beauty for the benefit of our community and visitors.

Economic impact

The Dartington Hall Trust makes a valuable contribution to the local and national economy.

A 2014 independent report estimated that Dartington supports an impact on the national economy of circa £24.9m in gross value added annually, and helps directly and indirectly to support 716 FTE jobs. Most of this impact is concentrated in the South West, with £19.4mn in GVA and in 597 FTE jobs.

Infographic: Dartington’s economic impact: (Can’t read the text? View a larger version)

Dartington's Economic Impact

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The future

In 2014/15 and beyond, we aim to improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of our communities. We will do this by:

• Enabling our people, land and buildings to actively support community resilience and social change

• Providing people of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to learn and engage with our work

• Supporting a thriving community of social entrepreneurs

• Developing a vibrant arts programme that speaks to creative and resilient communities

• Launching new activities that show the value of wellbeing as part of resilient communities

• Creating an exciting and productive network of land based activities supporting local food culture

• Reaching more people through networks of national and international connections and sharing learning

Find out more. Explore our plans and projects:

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Visit over 1,000 acres of woodland trails, with 25 acres of Grade 2 listed gardens at its heart – open year-round from dawn till dusk →

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If you have any questions about anything on this page, please do get in touch. Our work is dynamic, fluid and constantly evolving in response to our communities, partners and customers; so you may see small changes in this page from time-to-time.

Our Vision: We work in partnership with others to deliver change in three areas: Registered charity number: 279756