T Press and Publications: 'News of the Day' Vol 16: Nos. 711-752

DATE: Jul-Dec 1936


News of the Day - Friday - 3rd July 1936 - 711

Lecture- Sidonie Gruenberg, director of the Child Study Association of America, will speak in the Barn Studio on the role of the family in education.

Estate Tour number four will start at Foxhole School tonight via Foxhole Copse, left bank of Bidwell Brook, two more tours have been arranged, the next to the Hall and grounds and final one to Churston and Broadsands.

Office change- Estate office and maintenance staff are now in their new headquarters in the Old Research Laboratory.

Textile Mill - Crysede Limited, have a selection of linen suits and frocks at reduced prices.

Cricket - tomorrow we play Totnes on the Sports Field and on Sunday against the Royal Naval College of Engineers, Devonport also on the Sports Field.

Tennis - tournament second round F. Seyd and M. Foss beat W. L. Wright and G. Wolf.

Canned Vegetables and vitamin C article.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 7th July 1936 - 712

Sunday Evening Meeting - W. B. Curry will talk on 'Constructive pacifism'.

Film- difficulty has been experienced in getting the Peace Film shown in Totnes, the objection being that it is propaganda. However, Totnes cinema has been persuaded to show it on Saturday afternoon only.

Central Office Concerts - Gertrude Hopkins, Nannie Jamieson and Barbara Friendship will play.

Dartington Estate Women's Clinic will held at Redworth House - Dr. Jackson will be please to see old and new patients all enquires to Miss Hull-Brown.

White Hart Club Dance to be in the Great Hall on Saturday, 25th July, tickets from Miss Stone, Miss Jackson, or Mr. Foote at the Club Bar.

Landscape drawing and painting classes for August to be given by Hervey Adams - enquires to him at 11 Cliff Park Estate, Goodrington.

Cricket - match with Totnes ended in a draw - D Neylan 31, R Elmhirst 4 wickets for 53. On Sunday we won against Devonport Naval College 122 - 93. Harper 25, Luard 36, Uvarov 24, Peagram 35, Trewky for them 31 and MacIlvine took 5 wickets for 23.

News of the Day - Friday - 10 July 1936 - 713

Griller String Quartet.

Jooss-Leeder School of Dance - performances in Barn Theatre on 15th and 16th July.

Tennis club - second round News of the Day Tournament - D. Neylan and J. Wihl beat J. Grant and J. Coad, third round - F. Seyd and M. Foss beat D. Lack and M. Richards, N. Wormleighton and D. W. Elmhirst beat J. Luard and K. Hull-Brown.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 14th July 1936 - 714

Textile Mill Showroom - a west end tailor has been secured Mr. Lasky, tweed tailor.

Uday Shankar and his troupe of Hindu musicians and dancers will perform in the Barn Theatre.

Fifth Estate tour in front of the Banqueting Hall to visit the Private House and gardens. The Estate Orchestra will play and Miss Dora Bertonoff will dance.

Performance of a Rococo Ballet by Sigurd Leeder by the Jooss-Leeder School of Dance.

Water Colour and Portrait Exhibition by Charles Percival Small.

Redworth Estates - Nectarines for sale 5/- dozen apply to Mr. D. Fisher, Redworth House.

News of the Day - Friday - 17th July 1936 - 715

Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Barn Studio Mr. Lewis L. Lorwin will talk on some aspects of International Affairs.

League of Nations Union - Torquay and District will hold their annual rally at Dartington Hall on 18th July. Entertainment will be Morris, Sword and Country Dancing - Mrs Firth will play violin and Ronald Biggs on piano.

Football - a film of Totnes v Dartington Hall played Boxing Day last year will be shown by George Bennett.

Birth - a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Rawson, 11 July.

Home wanted - kitten apply Lizi Mensonides, Dance School. Also mongrel terrier apply J. Light, Primary School.

Ballets Jooss has now dispersed for a short holiday, having performed in Paris through a series of strikes and disturbances. Their theatre was picketed by gendarmes with revolvers. During one performance the gallery began a chant of 'a bas la guerre'. The strike of the shops infuriated ballet members who had counted on doing their shopping while in Paris.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 21st July 1936 - 716

Peace Council- It has been suggested that a local Peace Council should be formed. Mr. Curry is collecting names.

Central Office concert - players Steffi Hammerschlag, Pauline Church, Peggy Fry, Harry Wraight, Richard Adeney and Barbara Friendship.

For sale - double tandem apply Mrs. Davis, Sawmills. Also Dachshund Puppies apply Joan Light, Primary School.

Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Music Studio Miss Pauline Juler, clarinet and the music staff will play Chamber Music.

News of the Day - Friday - 24th July 1936 - 717

Senior School- art exhibition in the Art Room at Foxhole.

Visitor numbers - The number of visitors to Dartington has increased from 1,095 in the first six months of 1933 to 3,059 in the same period of 1936. Mr. Maurice Backett of London University has been engaged to help with this increase.

The new office of the Woodlands Department in Parsonage Close is nearing completion.

Wanted - Dining room maid apply Mrs. Anderton, Senior School, Dartington Hall.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 28th July 1936 - 718

Sixth Estate Tour - will leave Shinners Bridge on Friday for Churston, Broadsands and Elbury Cove. Houses will be open for inspection. This will be the last tour of the season we still have to visit Staverton Mill, The Turbines, Huxhams Cross, Textile Department, Primary School or the Barton Farm.

For sale - Golden Retriever for good home apply Wendy Bickford, Primary School.
Also a Motor Cycle - apply J. Nicholson, Pantry, Hall.

Farms Department - Dr. J.R. Mohler, chief of the bureau of animal industry, Washington D.C., has arrived to inspect the South Devon breed with a view to purchasing a small selection of dairy cattle. He chose two young bulls (Dartington King 11 and Dartington Viking 11) and a heifer (Dartington Cornflower) from Old Parsonage farm. They were chosen mainly on the records of their ancestry, which could be shown for several generations back.

News of the Day - Friday - 31st July 1936 - 719

August Bank Holiday - the Estate will be closed to all visitors - gate men will be on duty at the entrances to the private road.

School - next term the Nursery School will migrate to the Old Parsonage as the first instalment of the scheme for a school at the Old Parsonage. Miss Jennifer Sutcliffe and Miss Norah Grout will be the teachers.

A foreign affairs group has been formed at Dartington, linked to the Union of Democratic Control in London. Anyone interested contact Malcolm Molteno, Tigley.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 1st September 1936 - 720

Evening Classes in mechanics or electricity apply Miss Anne Moore, Central Office.

Departmental Contributions to News of the Day list.

News of the Day - Friday - 4th September 1936 - 721

Weather report for August.

Cricket - Mrs. Marshall supplied the teas.

Poultry Department- Mabel Whittingham has taken over management of the Poultry Department.

School Certificate - M. E. Blau, A. D. S. Florence, T. B. Gordon, N. S. Florence, T. Moore, B. Guy, J. Mosse, R. Simmel, and M. L. Flaherty. Marianne Blau, Tony Florence and Terry Gordon with 5 credits each gained exemptions from matriculation.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 8th September 1936 - 722

Totnes Evening Institute- course information from Senior School, Totnes.

Book binding classes names to Miss Ann Moore, Personnel Office.

Estate tours have attracted from 60 to 200 people each.

Ballets Jooss - before leaving Dartington for their round the world tour, they will give four performances, 17th, 18th, 19th and 21st September . Tickets from Miss Perring.

News of the Day - Friday - 11th September 1936 - 723

Annals of Dartington Hall all heads of departments are requested to send to this office a full chronological report of progress with dates from March 1934 to the present. Hoped to be published in October 1936.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 15th September 1936 - 724

Totnes Carnival Ball at Seymour Hotel, Totnes - Stan Payton's Orchestra.

Totnes Higher Education committee classes start at Totnes Church Senior School on Monday. Electricity, mechanics and mathematics classes would be provide by Mr. Whitmore if enough people sign up for them.

Woodlands Department - new office at Huxhams Cross.

Marriages - William Clayton Hunter and Margaret Mary Reid at Exeter Cathedral on Sat 8th August. Dennis Howard Martin and Ruth Tempest Bulmer at Dunham, Cheshire on Monday 7th September. Norman Wormleighton and Susan Small at the
beginning of August.

Sawmills Department - sales from the sawmills broke all records during July.

Ballroom dancing - Miss Boning classes for beginners' and advanced.

News of the Day - Friday - 18th September 1936 - 725

Public Meeting - on 29th September in the Co-operative Hall, Totnes - Mr. G. T. Garratt, author will speak on Spain.

Staff leaving - Miss Gerd Bergersen will be leaving Dartington to take up a post in Norway.

Evening Classes Certificates - Miss M. Boon, Machine Room - typing and shorthand; Miss Joan Clements, Gardens Office - typing and shorthand; Mr. W. K. Letheren, Farm Costing Office - typing.

Lost- red lacquer Chinese Bracelet possible in front of Mrs. Kent's house finder return to Mrs Turvey, Cott Cross.

Laboratory report.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 22nd September 1936 - 726

Football match at Dartington Village field - J. Beer, J. Wilson, J. Moore, K. Walters, J. Fitzherbert, A. French, T. Hardman, W. Letheren, J. Stevens, M. Wright.

Poultry report.

Sunday Evening Meeting - in great Hall Mr. John Goss will give a recital of songs accompanied by Mr. Biggs.

News of the Day - Friday - 25th September 1936 - 727

Workers' Educational Association courses- It is proposed to offer two advanced history courses, possibly with the backing of the Workers' Educational Association.

Hockey - General meeting elected the following officers - Captain, J. V. Elmhirst; Vice Captain, J. Fitzherbert; Ladies' Captain - Marion Brown; Treasurer - J. Moore; Secretary - Mabel Waldron.

School - boarders return tomorrow.

News of the Day - Tuesday - 29th September 1936 - 728

Classes starting next week - Ballroom Dancing, Folk Dancing, Cookery.

Shinners Bridge Tea- Room will close for the winter 2nd October.

For Sale - An E flat alto Saxophone by J. T. Lamy.

History Course - 12 lectures on "The Political and Economic Development of the Great Powers from 1870 to 1914" at Foxhole - apply to Mr. Inman.

Workers' Educational Association, Totnes - a course of 12 lectures on "International Politics" by C. E. McNally, in the Guildhall, Totnes names and fees to W. L. Ricketts, 70 Fore Street, Totnes.

Football - Mr. Seyd will train the team in the Senior School Gym.

Public Meeting in the Co-operative Hall, Totnes when Mr. G. T. Garratt will speak on Spain.

Leonard Elmhirst attended the International Conference of Agricultural Economists, of which he is president, at St Andrews, Scotland, (the first was at Dartington in 1929).

Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Barn Theatre Mr. L. K. Elmhirst will shown a number of slides of the Courtyard as it was in 1925 and will describe "10 Years of Change in the Courtyard".

News of the Day - Friday - 2nd October 1936 - 729

Summer Time ends of Sunday morning.

To let- Mrs. Turvey's house at Cott, low rent to suitable tenant.

Evening Classes- Monday - Botany Advanced, and Creative Art Class. Tuesday - Ballroom Dancing, Orchestra, and Morris Sword Dancing. Wednesday- Badminton, Play Reading, Electricity. Thursday - Book-binding, Folk Dancing, Amateur Dance Technique, Mathematics, Orchestra. Friday - Wood and Stone Carving, History, Costume and Dress Design, Stage Lighting. Saturday- Hockey and Football. Sunday - Book-binding.

Electricity Class- of 20 lessons for 3/- with Mr. Baldwin at the Grammar School, Totnes. Contact Messrs. W. H. Frost (Totnes Times) Baldwin (Garage), J. V. Elmhirst or A. Moore (Dartington Hall).

Post - There are so many people now employed and living on the Estate that no responsibility can be taken for letters addressed simply to Dartington Hall - in future a full address should be given.

News of the Day - Tuesday -6th October 1936 - 730

Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Barn Theatre, Mr. Donald Grant will speak on "Japan and the Future of Asia".

Drawing Class - Mr. Heckroth's class is not for costume and Dress Design etc but will be drawing from Life.

Contract Bridge - in the Solar to meet Totnes Club - team will be Totnes Club - L. S. Pascall, R. Pascall, G. A. Rowse, A. Wheatley and Dartington - C. N. Inman, D. Neylan, E. B. Uvarov, J. N. Wales.

Marriage - E. G. Clake of the Sawmills and Miss Doris Gill on 26th September at St. Mary's, Staverton.

Birth - a daughter to Humphrey and Wendy Bickford on Thursday 1st October

Kitchen Maid required for Redworth House, apply Miss Jackson, Chekhov Theatre Studio.

Football - the Estate team beat Torquay YMCA 6-0. Goals scored by C. Rice -2; Doble - 1; Lake - 1; Western 2.

Ballets Jooss has left Dartington for another world tour, its biggest yet. It expects to be away until next July. The will be performing in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo then Paris. The troupe consists of Miss Lola Botka, Miss Ulla Soederbaum, Miss Maya Kuebler and Mr. Heinz Schwarze. On the staff is Mr. Riemsdijk . For the present tour he travels with the ballet while Mr. Greanin moves a lap head to arrange advanced bookings.

News of the Day - Friday - 9th October 1936 - 731

Lost - on Dartington Hall Drive - red string glove would finder please return to Nancy Tovey, Textile Mill.

Found - red artist's sketch book near the river. Owner apply to L. Noel, Gardens Office.

Lecture- Torquay Debating Society at Room 1, Castle Chambers, Torquay, speaker Major R. Rayner, MP on the "The Present International Situation".

Exeter University Extension Lecture Course in Economics to be held at South Devon Technical College, Torquay. The subject is "Current Problems in Economics, Finance, taxation, and International Trade". The lecturer is Dr. J. Sykes MA.

School Addresses - readers are asked to note that the names of the schools are as follows: The Nursery School and the Old Parsonage; the Junior School at Park Lane, which includes the boarding houses and what was the old Primary School; and the Senior School at Foxhole.

Chekhov Theatre Studio has had its official opening at Dartington. At the opening Mr. L. K. Elmhirst, Mr. Chekhov and Mr. C. C. Martin spoke to the new students.

The Sawmills Department - have moved their Turnery Shop to the old Carpenters' Shop.

News of the Day - Tuesday -13th October 1936 - 732

Calendar for October-
Tuesday 13 - Ballroom Dancing, Miss Boning, Dance School.
Tap Dancing, Miss Boning, Dance School.
Wednesday 14 - Play Reading Club, Solar.
Thursday 15 - Wood and Stone Carving, Willi Soukop's Studio.
Friday 16 - Lecture with slides, Board Room, Central Office, L. K. Elmhirst 'Ten Years of Change in the Courtyard.'
Sunday 18 - Evening Meeting, Piano Recital, Music Studio - Mr. Webster Aitken.

Estate Dance Band - anyone on the Estate interested in playing or learning to play an instrument would be welcomed. Contact Nannie Jamieson.

Hall Gardens - The Trustees wish to make it clear that all those working on the Estate and all students are free to go into any part of the gardens with the exception of the two terraces nearest the Hall, the entrances to which are marked private. The footpath from the top of High Cross Hill, which leads round the garden and through the wilderness is also open as an alternative to the top road which is dangerous for pedestrians. The only request the Trustees make is that all gates are kept shut.

Council visit- Sir Guy Dawber, president of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, has asked that his thanks to the Estate workers who gave up their Saturday afternoon to act as guides for the council's benefit.

Woodlands Department - have moved into their new office at the end of August. It is a new type of building, designed by Mr. Hening, and constructed almost entirely of wood but with continuous steel windows.

News of the Day - Friday -16 October 1936 - 733

Lunch Time Concert - at Central Office - Gertrude Hopkins, Barbara Friendship, Nannie Jamieson will play String and Flute Trios.

For Sale - Austin 7 1933 £50. Apply J. R. Grant, Woodlands, Huxhams Cross.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr. Webster Aitken will give a piano recital in the Music Studio; he is a young American pianist who is in England for a short time before going on tour.

Guide's Office - they have show 6,697 people round the Estate during the last nine months. Mr. Maurice Backett, who spent part of his vacation helping to cope with the large increase of visitors, has now returned to London University.

News of the Day - Tuesday 20th October 1936 - 734

Hockey Club Dance - Stan Payton's First Band will play at the Halloween Dance. There will be a Cabaret given by the Jooss-Leeder students.

The Beggars Opera - a suggestion has been made to have on the Estate a production of this opera. All interested contact Charles Inman.

Lost - Notebook (containing diary) on the Estate; also Dexter Mackintosh, finder please return to W. B. Williams, Orchards Department

News of the Day - Friday -23rd October 1936 - 735

Suggestions award - of half a guinea has been paid to Miss Anne Moore of the Personnel Officer's Office for her suggestion for economies in the use of carbon paper.

For Sale - Pedigree Cocker Spaniel puppies. Famous 'Whooppee of Ware' strain. Apply T. Brown.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr. H. N. Brailsford, well known on the Estate is to speak.

Marriage - George Underhill and Dorothy Finch at Drewsteignton on 17th October, Stan Ivey was best man.

Totnes Public Meeting- on Wednesday next at 8 pm Mr. R. W. Gardner will address a meeting in the Temperance Hall, on The Problem of adapting 'The Fine Old Borough' to meet Modern needs, by putting Totnes on the screen. The talk will be illustrated by films projected by George Bennett.

Death Watch Beetle - the last of the roofs in the Courtyard is now being repaired and this section has been severely attached by Death Watch Beetle some of the damaged pieces are being sent to Princess Risborough Research Station.

Aid Appeal- Dorothy Elmhirst and colleagues appeal for subscriptions for the Medical Aid Unit and the International Red Cross in Spain, insisting that this is a non-political humanitarian cause.

The Orchards Department is the first manufacturer to undertake production of apple juice in this country, it is claimed.

News of the Day -Tuesday -27th October 1936 - 736

Concert- Mr. Claud Biggs will be playing at the Pavilion, Torquay on Thursday afternoon.

The White Hart Club has elected the following officers:- L. K. Elmhirst, K. C. Luard, Barbara Stone, J. N. Wales, J. Harrison, R. C. Morel, Monica Johnston, and entertainments committee- Beatrice Straight, Hiram Hague (presumably H. H. Winterbotham) , Frank Cook, Arnold von Ogtrop.

Halloween Dance - in the Banqueting Hall. Stan Payton's No. 1 Band and Jooss-Leeder Cabaret.

Found- a pocket knife on High Cross Hill apply Mrs Cook, Barton Farm.

News of the Day - Friday 30th October 1936 - 737

Broadcast Concert - December 5th Madame Alice Ehlers, harpsichord and Miss Eva Heinitz, Viola de gamba.

Drama Club - Mr. Harry Walters elected president. Any one wishing to join contact Mrs. Molteno.

Tweeds made at Dartington are being shown at Marshall and Snelgrove (London West end department store), reports The Times.

The Chekhov School now has 23 drama students who live at Redworth Hostel. Estate staff are invited to watch some of the classes. Michael Chekhov is a nephew of Anton Chekhov.

News of the Day -Tuesday -3rd November 1936 - 738

Birth - a son to Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Elmhirst on Saturday 31st October.

Guide's Office - visitor numbers to the Estate for the past month 570 last year was 230.

For Sale - 1935 Red Panther £20. W. L. Wright, Laboratory.

Spain - £45 has been collected. Any further subscriptions to Mr. O'Malley.

News of the Day - Friday -6th November 1936 - 739

Peace Meeting - in the Cooperative Hall, Totnes - speaker Mr. W. B. Curry.

Photography - Mr. Clarke ARPS will give a talk of 'Photography' in the Senior School assemble Hall.

Bertrand Russell will speak in the Barn Theatre on 'The case for complete pacificism.'

Winter Models - on show in the Textile Showroom from out Winter Collection

Company Profits - several departments should show a profit for this financial year. This is the first evidence that the experiment of Dartington is proving a success.

Sunlight Room - Staverton Builders have almost finished the re-constructing of the Sunlight Room at the end of the Senior School Remedial Gym. Mrs. Slater hopes to have the room working by Tuesday contact her for further information.

News of the Day -Tuesday - 10th November 1936 - 740

Armistice Day - the Sawmills siren will be blown to mark the beginning and the end of two minutes' silence tomorrow.

News of the Day - Friday -12th November 1936 - 741

Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr. H. S. Ede an assistant at the Tate Gallery for the past 15 years will talk about pictures. 'In what way pictures may be talked about, and the Timelessness of beauty.' David Jones, a Welsh artist will also talk.

A new issue of the Dartington Hall telephone Book is now ready.

Woodland Department - helping Dartington to serve as a centre for encouraging the efficient development of Rural industries.

Laboratory News - butterfat percentages.

Bridge Tournament - thanks to Mr. Wheatley and Mr. Rowse, and Miss Hull-Brown and Mr. Neylan.

Aid Collection- A total of £57.80 has been collected for Spain. Signed - Dorothy Elmhirst, Dan Neylan, Hiram Hague (presumably H. H. Winterbotham), Raymond O'Malley, C. Eric McNally, John Wales, Christopher Martin.

News of the Day -Tuesday - 17th November 1936 - 742

Phonebook- 'Married women have been entered (in the Dartington phonebook) under their own Christian names, as these are usually in common circulation among their friends and acquaintances and the universal use of the husband's Christian name only might lead to some confusion.'

For Sale - Morris Cowley 1927 apply D. Brown, Sales Department.

To Let - in Stoke Gabriel, house apply H. Adams, 11 Cliff Park Estate. Goodrington.

Au pair - requires a position during the Christmas Holidays apply Miss Isherwood, Junior School.

Lecture- On Saturday in the Assembly Hall Naum Slutsky will project photographs showing his work from 1918-1934.

News of the Day - Friday -20 November 1936 - 743

Christmas Cakes - from the Senior School kitchen - orders to Mrs Norman.

Films - In the Temperance Hall, Totnes two films will be shown 1. Turksib: the story of the building of the Turkistan-Siberian Railway and 2. Canary Island Bananas, made by a pupil of Dartington Hall School.

Report from Poultry Department.

Gardens Department won a gold medal for cut shrubs at Torquay Autumn Show.

News of the Day Tuesday - 24th November 1936 - 744

The Old Parsonage - the Trustees have to try and find an alternative name and would be glad of any suggestions.

Death - Mr. P. W. Woods who was in charge of the gardens at the Hall in the early years died Wednesday 18th November.

Birth - a son to Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Lewis of the Cider Mill Saturday 21st November.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr. Samuel Dushkin, violinist.

News of the Day - Friday -27th November 1936 - 745

For Sale - Ford 10 contact J. Tyrwhitt. Also a modern gas cooker - apply W. L. Ricketts, Woodlands

Staverton Builders Limited - report of the building industry.

Staff- It is estimated that the total number of people employed directly by Dartington is 991 - 835 men and 156 women.

News of the Day -Tuesday 1st December 1936 - 746

Concert- Alice Ehlers, harpsichordist with Eva Heinitz, Viola, perform in the Great Hall.

Notice Board - has been placed in the archway of the court-yard. Please contact Mr. Isherwood to use the board. J. Luard.

For Sale - Ducks or Chickens for roasting from Joan Light, Junior School.

News of the Day - Friday -4th December 1936 - 747
Car delivery- Will someone wanting a cheap trip to Hampshire or London and able to drive a Ford V8, be willing to take Commander King-Hall's car to an address at either of the above.

Lecture- Kingsley Martin, editor of the New Statesman, talks on Russian foreign policy.

Letter- Having read that Staverton Builders was preparing a bid for a War office contract, William Hunter writes: 'Dear Sir, it is gratifying at such a time as this to know that the estate is benefiting as much as we are told the rest of the country is from the armaments boom…Are they building concentration camps?'

News of the Day -Tuesday - 8th December 1936 - 748

A General Meeting of the Dartington Social Club to-night at 7.30pm

Woodlands Department- will those customers on the Estate requiring Christmas trees and holly please order early. Stocks will be on view next week at our Mill near Huxhams Cross.

G.P.O. films - seats limited.

School play- Emil and the Detectives will be produced at Foxhole School Assembly Hall on Wed. 16th Dec. also wanted for the above production: an old bowler hat, a motor horn.

News of the Day - Friday -11 December 1936 - 749

G.P.O. films 640 attended the performances of the Post Office films in the Barn Theatre.

For Sale - Ford 10 - apply J. Dickson, MT, Garage, Dartington Hall. Also anyone interested in taking over a Morris 8, 2 seater on the Beans Scheme apply to J. Tyrwhitt, Central Offices 19. Also a full size billiard table apply H Jeffery, Dartington Lane Nursery. Also for sale Ducks and Chickens for roasting, orders to Joan Light at the Primary School.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Carols in the Great Hall.

Report regarding the Drawing Office - and its closure.
Mentions - Mr. Hening, Mr. Chitty, Mr. Luard and Mr. Harry Walters. Mr. Hening's new address is 6 Cavendish Square, London, W1.

Laboratory - with pressing in progress at the Cider House, with an influx of apple juice samples for vitamin C content. Low sunshine figures for November compared to November 1935 of 70 hours this year it is only 46 hours. On 11 days no sunshine was recorded at all.

Letter from Staverton Builders - regarding their work for the War Office on Married soldiers' Quarters.

News of the Day -Tuesday - 15th December 1936 - 750

Play reading group contact Mr. B. Foote, White Hart.

Sing-Song and Smoking concert at White Hart Club on 17th December.

Staff qualification- Mr. J. R. Moore has qualified as ACIS and is now an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

News of the Day - Friday -18th December 1936 - 751

Football - The team played Chelston reserves last Saturday and won 1-0 scored by W. Doble.

Holiday Ballroom Dancing Classes - Miss Boning will hold the classes in the Seymour Hotel, Totnes.

Poultry Department Report - The breeding season has started; there will be about 50 cocks and cockerels in use, of which all but three have been reared on the farm.

Names for the Old Parsonage - Oakhurst, Waverley, Hirst Court, Froude, Froude House, Bidwell House, Glebe House, Chancery House, Anderton, Postern House. So far the last one is the favourite in that incorporates the names of two fields adjoining, Inner and Outer Postern.

Few fragments of history. [Old Parsonage] : Between 1162 and 1165 Totnes Priory Deed no. 21 was drawn up by Willelmus the clerk who made this Charter at Dartintonia: this was also signed by Micahel, Priest of Dartintonia and by Reginaldus the Harpist. In 1261 the Glebe lands with the parsonage were granted to the earliest recorded of Dartington. September 14th 1565 - there was an absentee parson, Thomas Clavyce of Somerset, who, with the permission of the Bishop of Exeter, leased the parsonage to Mr. Thomas Melhuish. On the 1st September 1566 this man assigned his lease to Sir Arthur Champernowne. Thomas Clavyce conveyed away to someone else all the profits of the parsonage, reserving to himself and his successors - "nothing but a great poor house, ruinous, a little orchard and a little causeway to go in three or four feet broad."
From 1595 to 1635 Edward Costard was rector of Dartington, and complained bitterly about this. In 1684 the lease feel in, and the Church authorities, failing to take the necessary steps, the Champernowne family appropriated the whole and held it till 1733, when the church authorities took the case to the Court of Chancery.

If the Trustees agree to this name - Postern House - the Post Office will be notified. The Old Parsonage farm will keep its present name by agreement with the Rector.

Letter from George Bennett on the success of the evening Sing-Song Smoker Concert.

News of the Day -Tuesday -22nd December 1936 - 752

Christmas Tree - parents of children who received invitations to meet Father Christmas and were unable to attend should apply to Mr. Jones at Central Office, who will give then the presents for their children.

Football - The Estate beat Totnes United reserves by 5-3, goal scorers - G. Reynolds, J. Dawson, K. Boon, for Totnes F. Warne.

Richard Elmhirst - living in Chicago and working full time in the University - he sends Christmas Greetings to everyone at Dartington.

Gardens Department - Opened a new Nursery on peat soil at Bovey Tracey. It lies on the left of the road about a mile from Bovey Tracey on the Newton Abbot road. Planting of stock from Symons tree and Huxhams Cross Nurseries started last September.

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