Dartington International Summer School & Festival 2016

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Early and Middle Eastern Music, improvisation, poetry and fairy tales

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Baroque Orchestra, Baroque Opera, Folk Music and Creative Writing

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Conducting & Orchestral Music, Opera, Music Theatre and Brazilian Music

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Carmen and Composition, Film and Multimedia, Gospel and Jazz


Joanna MacGregorIt’s an enormous pleasure to welcome you to Dartington International Summer School and Festival. Dartington is a place of shimmering, ancient beauty, and its historical Summer School is for everyone: for professional musicians and music students, for people who love to play and people who love to listen.

By day, there are masterclasses with world-class performers, composition and conducting courses, and orchestral and chamber coaching. You can sing in Fauré’s Requiem or Handel’s Alexander’s Feast, play in a string orchestra or a brass ensemble, and learn about flamenco, Middle Eastern and gospel music. Come and experience everything, from medieval and renaissance music to tango and samba; from talks by the legendary pianist Alfred Brendel and jazz with cool sax player Andy Sheppard to folk sessions with the wonderful Kathryn Tickell. There are poetry and multimedia courses, yoga and dance classes, lectures and films.

Dartington hosts over eighty public concerts and events throughout August. Visit the beautiful gardens, relax with a drink or a meal, and enjoy up to three performances a day: some of the most celebrated artists, poets and thinkers are here. On 27th May we also present Party in the Town – an exciting new event, happening all over Totnes.

Dartington International Summer School has expanded into a fully-fledged festival. I look forward to welcoming you to a wonderful summer of music, arts and creativity!

Joanna MacGregor, Artistic Director

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