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2014 saw more than 800,000 visitors from across the world join us here at Dartington. They took part in our events, courses, festivals and enjoyed films, our shops, restaurant and gardens.

Dartington is many things to many people but one aim underpins everything. And that’s how we use our estate to stimulate new thinking and action to help develop a more sustainable, more just and more enriching world.

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Welcome to Dartington: a short film about what we do


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Wildwood Kin at Community Day

WATCH: Community Day 2015

On 26 May 2015, The Dartington Hall Trust welcomed you to its grounds and gardens for an afternoon packed with family activities to celebrate its 90th year. We hope you enjoy this film capturing this fantastic event. Read More >>

Jon and Lynne Perkin outside Old Parsonage Farm

New farmer at Dartington set to push boundaries

Jon Perkin brings centuries of family experience to establish goat milking parlour, agroforestry and education at Old Parsonage Farm. Read More >>

Gallery: Dartington’s Great Hall & Gardens

The Great Hall

Dartington Hall and the Great Lawn

The Sunny Border

The Tiltyard

Henry Moore's 'Memorial Figure'

Head Gardener's Office (Valley Field)

Great Hall seen from Private Garden

The Great Hall, seen from the Tiltyard

Henry Moore's 'Memorial Figure'

Great Hall seen from Private Garden

Swan Fountain

The Tiltyard


Blogs from around Dartington

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Clockwise from top left: Wild garlic flowers, white hawthorn, elderflowers, bluebells

Conservation blog: Colour and perfume from the forest floor

In this month's blog, Mike writes on how it's the perfect time to enjoy the sights and smells of low-lying bluebells, white hawthorn and wild garlic. Read More >>

Attendees at Abundant Life event look at technical diagrams

Abundant Life blog: Turning ideas into reality

Alison Kenny is Head of Neighbourhood Partnerships for Sanctuary Group. In the first of what will be a new series of monthly blogs on the Abundant Life project, she sets the context for our partnership with them on this inspiring new project. Read More >>

LandWorks entrance

LandWorks blog: Is Joe worthy?

Chris tackles a difficult, often asked question: are LandWorks trainees as worthy of help as those who have not committed a crime but are nevertheless struggling? Read More >>