F-Rated films at the Barn Cinema

The F-Rating is an intersectional feminist film rating which highlights films made by and featuring women.

F-Rated: Thiis film was directed or written by a woman.F-Rated:

– Directed by a woman
– Written by a woman

Triple F-Rated

– Directed by a woman AND
– Written by a woman AND starring significant women in their own right

Developed by FilmBath (previously Bath Film Festival) in 2014, and now expanding across the UK, the F-Rating is designed to support and promote women, and redress the imbalance in the film industry.

Any film that answers yes to one or both of these questions is awarded the F-Rating stamp of approval.

1. Does it have a female director?
2. Is it written by a woman?

If both of these apply, and the film also stars significant female characters on screen in their own right, it is awarded a TRIPLE F-Rating, the gold standard.

The aims of the F-Rating are:

1. To champion women in film and highlight the fantastic work they are doing.
2. To encourage conversation around who tells the stories we see on screen – and whether that matters.
3. To act like a Fairtrade stamp, giving the audience an opportunity to #VoteWithYourSeat, and support women in film.

We have adopted the F-Rating system in our programme because we are committed to all aspects of inclusion both in front of the screen and behind the camera. If you’d like to learn more about the F-Rating, visit the F-Rating website: www.f-rated.org.

We also recommend the TEDx talk, Stories Shape Us, by Holly Tarquini, F-Rated Founder and Director of FilmBath. Her very personal experience illustrates why the person who tells the story – and who the story is about – makes a difference.

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