Regular, rolling updates from the brilliant volunteer team at our beautiful Kitchen Garden! Follow the progress of this beautiful organic garden as zero-food miles produce is grown for our café, The Green Table and our restaurant, The White Hart.

November 2019

The weather has definitely changed and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us, with the volunteers now packing away their shorts for another year; Sarah has even unveiled her bobble hat.

Morning mist at the Walled Garden
Quince and grape have been turned into delicious jelly, and the last of the squash delivered to the White Hart.

The high winds, which hit us over early November, caused devastation to the greenhouse. Olivier did sterling work collecting the broken glass and making the house safe.

Olivier helps repair the Walled Garden greenhouse
November planting in the repaired greenhouse

Our compost, which has been decomposing for about 18 months, is now being put to good use as a top dressing and for our new seeds. We’re currently planting rocket, winter purslane and some indoor salad.

Other exciting plantings are garlic (Solent white) – we have done a few extras, which will be available to buy from the Walled Garden for home planting. Also broad beans have gone in, again we have done some extras for home planting. These will be available from mid December and will be harvesting in early summer 2020.

As always we are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and everyone is welcome to pop in and see us, have a wander round and check out the plants.

October 2019

To celebrate the achievements at Dartington’s Kitchen Garden we (volunteers) have decided to keep a diary with monthly updates.

After much discussion, it was decided that it would be most accessible as a blog on the Dartington website which we hope you will find interesting – and even useful!

We are very pleased to have reached the end of the second bountiful summer since we started up in 2018. This year we have continued to develop and improve the soil and beds, and are growing an even wider range of seasonal produce for The Green Table and The White Hart.

Many thanks to the generous people whose donations helped make it all possible, and all the people who, under the instruction, guidance and expertise of Sarah Coates, have transformed this…

into this…

This year we are pleased to have harvested 10-14kg of salad every week for The Green Table, comprising of mixed lettuce leaves, and of seasonal leaves such as basil, dill, pea shoots, purslane, chard, spinach, kale and beetroot leaves, landcress and buckthorn plantain – not to mention the beautiful edible flowers!

Other favourites for the restaurants have been rainbow chard, beetroots, purple and green French beans, courgettes, squash, cucumbers and Florence fennel.

Now the season is changing and we already have leeks, Florence fennel (2nd crop), Russian kale, calabrese, winter squash and more salad greens growing in the beds, and we are sowing more seeds inside for winter crops. Out with the old and in with the new!

Don’t forget to visit us on Tuesdays and Thursdays – even if it’s just to check on the cucamelons or the Bolivian Giants in the glasshouse! For the coming year we will also be trying out new seeds from Garden Organics and the Heritage Seeds Library so there should be lots of interest to come – we’ll keep you posted.

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